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The Brand History of Harley Davidson: founded in 1903 by William. S. Davidson, a young successful business man. Who at only the age of 21 created arguably, the most iconic motorcycle designs in history.  The beginning of the Harley Davidson Brand Hi
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Harley Davidson Watches

Authorised retailer for Harley Davidson Watches. It's very likely that you have heard of Harley Davidson before, although you may not have heard of Harley Davidson watches. Harley Davison are one of the most iconic American motorcycle brands and they have a very proud history. They have the distinction of being one of only 2 American motorcycle manufacturers to survive the great depression (the other was Indian, who went out of business in 1953). Today they have branched out beyond motorcycles into many other areas, including a great collection of watches.

Rugged Watches, Designed For Bikers

Harley Davidson know their target customers inside out – which is no surprise, they've been designing products for them for over 100 years! When they were putting together a watch range they wanted to make sure they created watches which suited their customers. Harley Davidson wristwatches are made with bikers in mind. They are created to be durable, stylish and iconic – just like their bikes!

All Harley Davidson watches are created with premium materials and designed with the same care as their bikes. So if you are looking for a watch which can survive the elements while you ride your Harley Davidson motorcycle, this collection is perfect for you!

Unmistakably Harley Davidson, Unbelievably Precise

While the design and style of the Harley Davidson collection fits the brand perfectly, as this men's watch and women's watch shows. On top of their faithfulness to the brand personality, the watches are incredibly precise. The reason for this is simple, the watches are manufactured by well-respected watch manufacturers Bulova! The history of Bulova goes back to 1875 and they are well respected as a brand who create unbelievably precise watches.

If you are looking for a rugged watch which can handle the roads and will keep perfect time wherever you are – Harley Davidson are for you.

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