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NEW Special offer The fun process of creating lively interactive 3D scenes for the web By Marius Ballot
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The fun process of creating lively interactive 3D scenes for the web
English English, Spanish, French (+3) [Machine translation]
4 Hours 28 Mins Course

The fun process of creating lively interactive 3D scenes for the web

January Sale!     $100 $25

Creative web-development has always been a fascinating way of building new media art especially with 3D. Within this domain you can have fun mixing 3D modeling, game dev mechanics, web design with a dash of software engineering and data architecture all in one place.

This course will show you how to plan, create and host a 3D online interactive piece from inspiration to showing your production on social media. Only using free and open source software, this masterclass will allow you to discover new doors of creative expressions and a good sense of what, how and where to learn next all by yourself.

Apart from the absolutely fascinating process of actually creating fun immersive 3D experiments, your work can then attract clients, designers or companies that will want your craftsmanship and skills on bigger scale projects.

If you are a designer looking forward to learning more about the asset building process for real time experience, a dev trying to get some more tips and tricks in your arsenal or a tech enthusiast searching for a workflow case study, you should find it all right there !

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Course Table of contents
What will you learn?

7 sections • 25 lectures • 4 hours 28 mins

  • A bit of context
    2 lectures 04:40 Mins
    • How has this course come to be ?
      03:11 Mins
    • Let's just have some fun creating stuff
      01:29 Mins
  • Side Note
    1 lectures 00:52 Mins
    • Course documentation
      00:52 Mins
  • Some fundamentals
    5 lectures 1 Hour 5 Mins
    • Blender, the basics
      13:51 Mins
    • WebGL with Three.js, the basics
      27:01 Mins
    • Shaders, shaders, shaders…
      17:39 Mins
    • The fascinating and important process of tool building
      03:31 Mins
    • How I roll about getting more skills
      03:26 Mins
  • Before creating
    3 lectures 08:32 Mins
    • Visual inspiration
      04:29 Mins
    • Technical inspiration
      01:52 Mins
    • Plan of action
      02:11 Mins
  • Let’s create
    10 lectures 2 Hours 55 Mins
    • Dev environment and workflow overview
      09:30 Mins
    • 3D modeling and layout
      13:08 Mins
    • From Blender to browser
      25:31 Mins
    • Model manipulation
      28:08 Mins
    • Oh yeah, Shaders
      32:24 Mins
    • Audio Reactors
      18:11 Mins
    • Particles
      06:34 Mins
    • GUI and customization
      21:52 Mins
    • Let's add UI
      10:20 Mins
    • Details, details, details…
      10:15 Mins
  • Show ya work
    3 lectures 13:00 Mins
    • Hosting your piece online
      07:08 Mins
    • If you like it, other people might
      02:49 Mins
    • Working with designers
      03:03 Mins
  • See ya
    1 lectures 01:01 Mins
    • What's next ?
      01:01 Mins
Marius Ballot
Work Work Work 
Work Work Work 

An unexpected journey that every digital thinker would dream of collaborating on. With a great sense of sensitivity towards animations and an off-the-charts code languages and tools skills, Marius is able to create meaningful 3D web experiences with the commitment needed to be able to create something glorious
Niccólo Miranda
Niccólo Miranda Freelance Creative Director, Interactive and Designer Developer
Course details

The fun process of creating lively interactive 3D scenes for the web

The fun process of creating lively interactive 3D scenes for the web

By Marius Ballot

$25 75% off $100

January Sale!

  • English
  • English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese (Machine translation)
  • Intermediate & Advanced
  • Access on mobile and Desktop
  • Full time access
  • Certificate of completion
About the Speaker
Learn from the best
  • Marius Ballot

    Marius Ballot

    Freelance Creative Developer - Software and Robotics engineering student @ EFREI Paris


    Fascinated by 3D and interactive contraptions, I developed a deep love for software engineering and especially with this “creative developer” designation. This allowed me to finally become independent in an environment that fits my creative needs. I am currently working towards using those software and algorithmic skills in the robotic-medical industry.


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